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It is the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to combine 3 critical sectors that rule the economy of our environment even though we can’t see it so clearly. The main purpose of HAI is to provide the chance to small business owners to compete against big companies with millions of dollars destined to market research and marketing, have the chance to do profitable trading and finally to protect themselves and their business from criminals of all over the world. Creating a powerful Hybrid-AI combined with an ecofriendly infrastructure there are no boundaries, providing the opportunity to operate this HAI system through the use of the block chain technology (ERC20 tokens & Smart Contracts) all users with HAI tokens will be able to benefit from the project.

Features A traditional AI system is very expensive and not available for normal users, with HAI the game changes, providing a cheap and powerful AI capable of:

1- Market Prediction In order to have a successful trading experience, many hours or even days of research are needed to decide when to make a trade, normal people don’t have that time, you don’t have that time. HAI does the heavy lifting so you can spend time doing what you really love, but if you are deep into market research HAI can help you to take better decisions,1 HAI and 1 brain are better than just a brain.

2- Threat Hunting Attackers are becoming smarter and enhancing the complexity of their tools, it will be HAI the one who is going to protect you and even your business from these criminals, using threat hunting, malware analysis and behavioral analysis techniques.

3- Decision Making Business Intelligence can help small business to increase their sales providing a strong analysis of possible scenarios, market research and product development. Just because we don’t start with tons of resources it doesn’t mean we are unable to compete against bigger competitors, HAI provides a cheap research and decision making helper platform for you and your ideas.

Competition The Artificial Intelligence has started to be used in multiple applications in the real world with working products, these are the main competition for HAI when trying to get into the enterprise sector but as for the cost and the usability for the masses HAI doesn’t have a close competitor. There are many individual solutions for the industries HAI will provide support to, among these we have: Cyber Security – Dark Trace Finances – Private Solutions Business Intelligence – HANA from SAP We only listed one example of each core as there are many AI’s dedicated for an individual industry but HAI aims to provide support for more than 1 industry using high-end relationship rules and many capabilities. Challenges Since Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology many issues come with it but HAI Project has what it takes to overcome them. Most of these issues are technology credibility, implementation costs, technical knowledge required and the strategy for market adoption. In order to avoid HAI from having goals different to the ones provided we will need to be monitoring the HAI activity and learning process for a long time and try to stop it from mutating and deciding the correct branches of research for HAI. HAI: A Green Solution The world is not just about Finances, Cyber Security or Business Intelligence, we need to start caring for the environment that’s why HAI will not only be the first public AI available for everyone but it will also be powered only by renewable energy either solar or wind energy this way we will try to contribute the environment including a program of recycling either electronics or consumables used in the HAI’s infrastructure. AI by itself will not be able to save the environment, the humans will by contributing on their own way, remember you can make the difference and we will help too. HAI-a-tree The HAI-a-tree Foundation is a non-profitable organization which is going to be registered in a country TBA providing reforestation aid to many polluted cities and cleaning by contaminated zones. It is planned to give a 5% of all the funds collected in the ICO phase to create the foundation and we will start a section in our website allowing users to donate in many ways or even participate in our reforestation/cleaning rounds.

Research & Development The AI System needs to be designed correctly by multiple professionals with AI development, financial, cybersecurity and big data experience, in order to fulfill that, multiple research techniques will be applied to amass the required information. Early Development In this stage the team is committed to research actual market necessities in order to finally define the capabilities of the HAI AI and define costs for research and implementations. The main topic to decide is the best suitable country for the super computer allocation and hardware selection (CPUs and GPUs). Working with top of the industries experts eager to work among the team in the process of creating HAI. Mid Development In this stage the main purpose is to design the hardware architecture for the physical location of the hosting computer of the AI System. Potential strategical partners will be contacted in order to explore the business opportunity and market research Late Development Once the presented main issues have been solved an agenda will be released among with the fully documented final services, providing individuals and companies the opportunity to finally use the HAI System and Smart Contract platform. In this stage a budget will be assigned for advertising and product release.


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