The world economy has been experiencing a massive shift from agriculture and production to services and further to creative sector of economy. Modern technologies disrupt the economy in such a way that more and more people
are left unemployed and the idea of unconditional basic income, which was earlier percivied as insane, is already being implemented in advanced countries. Very soon our society will face the momentum when routine physical and even mental human labor is not required any more for advancement. Here comes the question – what the hell will people do?
MDL Talent Hub will probably not save the world, but the platform will certainly make it brighter. One of the fundamental features of the project is that it will create jobs and give some meaning to the participants’ life. Isn’t it nice when people can find a paying audience for their talents and monetize their time spent on hobbies? MDL will make that easier! Brave New World is already a part of our reality and people consciously or unconsciously admit it and regret having dropped their hobbies and now push their own children to learn to be more artistic. MDL Talent Hub is conceptually what should happen sooner or later and we are happy to be the facilitators.

Why do we need blockchain technology just to create a recruitment application?

We believe that current the means of booking talents are outdated logically and technologically. With help of blockchain technology (as well as other instruments and approaches) we are going to create reputational module, so that any market activity can be consolidated and traced.

Market Problems

Success of a promotional event, TVC shooting, or a fashion show highly depends on
talents involved. When a big amount of resource is concentrated to push forward a
product or an idea it is absolutely necessary to be sure that talents will do their best.
From another hand, talents are often misused, cheated, or simply treated bad. That’s
why it might be dicult and costly to establish cooperation with professional and
well-behaved models, actors, and other type of artists, until they are sure that
everything will go well.

The solution

1. As insiders in the industry we are able to determine and develop simple solutions for both bookers and talents, such as easy-to-use booking system, appealing talent
profiles, time-management tools, talent catalogs for final clients, and more.
2. By providing useful tools for both talents and bookers we will consolidate existing
market onto one platform, so that the search for talents and jobs will be extremelly
3. With help of blockchain technology we are going to establish a rating system for every participant and thus bring transparency and credibility to the market.


Problem market

We created the MDL platform for both talent and bookers to make their living
more convenient and efficient. A clear understanding of business processes in the talent market as well as the ability to take advantage of technological solutions
contemporary will make our team game changer in the industry. our tools will help to solve existing problems
and make life better

  1. As an insider in the industry we will define and develop simple solutions for both book-and-ers
    talent, starting with an easy-to-use ordering system, attractive pro fi les talents, time management tools, catalogs
    talent, and more.
  2. By providing useful tools for both talent and bookers we will consolidate existing markets on one platform,
    greatly simplifying talent and job search.
  3. Using blockchain technology we will build a rating system for each participant and thus bring
    transparency and market credibility.

In order to facilitate the reputation of MDL credibility Talent Hub will employ two modern technologies: blockchain and PID. Let us
explain simply how it will work.
Persistent Changed Data Storage (PID) is a new way to store information. This technology allows
data storage on the user’s device is not a central server that is vulnerable to attack. There are currently two protocols
promises are being developed that are already available for use.

MDL Token dan Pra-ITO

In order to prepare ITO, we need ca. $ 500,000. This amount will make it possible to launch ITO cam-
paign March 2018, where we expect to improve ca. $ 20m for the development of plat-form, cross-border scaling and
business development, as well as for R & D and further diimple thinking of SM & PID technology.
In January 2018 we plan to conclude Pre-ITO for MDL Token. MDL Token issued on 8 October
2017 on the Wave platform in the amount of 100,000,000.

In order to join Pre-ITO sales, participants must install Wave wallets. Proceed to waveswallet.io
During Pre-ITO in January 2018 we will distribute 50% of the total amount, which is
50,000,000 tokens, with an average price of $ 0.01. 20% of that amount will be spent on bounties and 30% will remain
with the team.

MDL — Mine Distributed Ledger
To facilitate the trust of MDL’s reputation, Talent Hub will use two modern blockchain and PIDS technologies. How it works?

Permanent permanent data storage (PIDS) is a new way of storing information. The technology allows you to store data on user devices, rather than centralized servers that are vulnerable to
attack. Currently, two prospective protocols are being developed, which are already available for use:
IPFS and CXO promise to significantly reduce costs and increase the transmission speed. Once the file is loaded, it receives a hash amount — a specific code address for the files that everyone can use to access it.

For the preparation of ITO, we need approx. 500 000 US dollars. This amount will start the ITO campaign. in March 2018, where we expect improvement in ca. $ 20 million for the development of the platform.
December 12, 2017–31 January 2018
Soft cover: 30000000 MDL.life [pre-MDL] (300 000 $ USD)
Hard cap: 50000000 MDL.life [pre-MDL] ($ 500,000 USD)
Price token: 0 , 01 US dollars
March 10, 2018–10 Apr, 2018
Soft lid: MDL.life 200000000 ($ 10,000,000 USD)
Hard lid: 400 million MDL.life ($ 20,000,000)
Price token: $ 0.05 USD
Symbol: MDL.life (pre-MDL)
Platform: Waves
Delivery of the token: 100 000 000
Date: December 12, 2017–31 January 2018
Received: BTC, BCC, ETH, DLL, SKY, WAVES, DASH, Zcash
Token Price: $ 0.01
Maximum individual print: $ 20,000
Hardcap: $ 500,000
Project price ITO: $ 0.05
Pre-ITO interest: 5x

October 2017 — launch of the website and blog, MDL tokens Token
November 2017 — GUI prototype development
January 2018 — Pre-ITO
March 2018 — ITO
November 2018 — Launch the alpha version
March 2019 — Launch MVP
April-June 2019 — Launch of the Chinese version for local talent
September 2019 — Expansion of the overseas talent market in China
December 2019 — Enter the local talent resources market across Asia
March 2020 — The ecosystem market Prosumer
June 2020 — Launch of the mining system

see below for details:

WEB SITE: http://mdl.life/

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